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catchpenny adj : designed to sell quickly without concern for quality; "catchpenny ornaments" [syn: catchpenny(a)]

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Catchpenny is an American rock/pop band. The group released its first album, Chance For A Lifetime in December of 2005. Tommy Stinson, Michael Bland, Phil Solem, Tommy Barbarella , John Fields, and Jim Anton have also worked with Catchpenny.
The band has set record attendance numbers at Hard Rock Cafe, has been featured on national television spots for ESPN and Arizona Jean Company, and sold more than 4000 copies of Chance For A Lifetime in its first year after release.
The band is currently being managed by Michael Tucker and Schatzi Marketing Corp. From headlining shows from Los Angeles to Chicago, to setting record attendance numbers at venues like the Hard Rock Cafe... to having their music used for national tv spots by ESPN and Arizona Jeans, Catchpenny’s resume reads like a band that has been together for half a decade, not a band that played it’s first gig less than two years ago.
Their first album, “Chance for a Lifetime, produced by Michael Bland, was recorded in 8 days and released in December 2005 to critical acclaim.
Within a year, the band sold out of the album three times and watched their website traffic reach almost 100,000 hits. Catchpenny found themselves in opening slots for a long list of national acts. Rob Wilson, Lead Singer for the Gin Blossoms maybe said it best from the stage at the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Mexico after Catchpenny opened for his band… “Save some room on the charts for us!"
With success came demand, and the band is currently working on the follow up album. Armed with the experience that only comes from playing over 100 shows in a year, Catchpenny headed back into the studio in November of 2006.
In addition to Bland, a few other big names have signed on to help the band. Phil Solem of the Rembrandts and “I’ll Be There For You" fame has been a constant co-writer for the group, and an A-List of musicians including Tommy Barbarella (Prince, Mandy Moore, Switchfoot), John Fields (Switchfoot, Backstreet Boys, Clay Aiken, Pink, Andrew WK, Evan and Jaron), Ken Chastain, Tommy Stinson (Guns and Roses, The Replacements, Soul Asylum) and Jimmy Anton (Johnny Lang) have had varying degrees of input on the new project.
With the new album to release sometime near mid October, the band will continue to play shows, and finish up a very successful college tour that has been taking them to over 40 schools.




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